Oakland Raiders O.co Coliseum

The Oakland Raiders are reportedly in talks to demolish O.co Coliseum, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The facility is the only one shared by both a Major League Baseball club and an NFL team. However, the franchises each have a different vision for the future of the stadium.

The Oakland Athletics are said to be working on a 10-year lease to stay at the Coliseum, while the Raiders are in talks to demolish the aging structure in 2015 to build a new home for the team.

According to the report, talks to have the Coliseum torn down were discussed in a memo to Oakland mayor Jean Quan “from planners of the city-backed Coliseum City sports-retail project [which] stunned officials of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority — the agency that just reached an agreement to keep the A’s in the existing ballpark for a decade.”

This so-called Coliseum City project would include a hotel, restaurants, housing and stores as part of a revitalization project.

The A’s lease was set to end after the 2015 season, which would have given the Raiders almost three years to build a new home for themselves on the site by 2018.

The memo said that it would “be critical to demolish the existing stadium in 2015” if the project is to be finished on time.

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