In late June, we attended the 2014 Ford Trend Conference in Detroit, Mich., dubbed Further With Ford.

Sustainability, Design, Technology and Innovation were the key trends during the fourth annual event, where we had the chance to go behind the scenes for an exclusive look at Ford design studios, labs, and test track.

We also were among the first to see the all-new Ford F150 Truck (coming soon), the 2015 Edge, and for the kids, the new Fisher-Price Power Wheels F150.

Opening night kicked off at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, where newly appointed CEO Mark fields introduced his vision for Ford in the future… unveiling the all new Ford Edge. Accompanied by over 100 other nationwide journalists, the opening night was a frenzy and hectic scene.

This year the conference included key trending sessions such as Female Frontier, Sustainability Blues, Decoding Design and What’s The Big Deal with Big Data? So, we went “Inside the Oval” to find out Ford’s latest innovations in design and technology.

Take a look at our experience to see what is trending for Ford’s future.