Our friends at Scion recently gave us some hands-on time with their 2014 Scion FR-S. We’ve been looking forward to hopping in the vehicle for some time and graciously took the two-door coupe to task down Orange County’s renowned Ortega Highway.

First off, let’s discuss arguably the most important aspect of the vehicle, performance. The FR-S is surprisingly powerful for a 2.0 Liter 4-Cylinder (Boxer 19V) engine that produces 200HP. While not the fastest on the road, the front engine, rear-wheel drive coupe definitely holds its own.

The FR-S also features a Dual Variable Valve Timing unit and D-4S Direct & Port Injection System providing for 197 bhp/151 pounds of torque. Furthermore, Scion developed a custom Dynamic Rev Management Transmission system that simulates a manual transmission’s feel and sound.

Our six speed automatic took to the the road like a champ. Handling every curve Route 74 threw at it. A low center of gravity and overall balanced vehicle ensures you’ll hug the road everywhere you go.

The FR-S’ interior is great. Every drive proves to be a treat as you’re hugged by the coupe’s bucket seats and eased by the vehicle’s clearly marked gauges and markers. However, the interior space is exactly what you would expect from a two-door coupe. That is to say, don’t expect too much room especially if you’re in the backseat.

While the touch-screen radio was a nice touch, it was by no means extraordinary. We did however enjoy the wireless Bluetooth connectivity that allowed us to listen to A$AP Ferg while zipping down the highway.

Closer Look At 2014 Scion FR-S

Exterior-wise, the FR-S is petite, slick and confident. The coupe’s quickly vanishing contours create for a sporty and nimble appearance, personifying emotions of youthfulness and energeticism with every curve.

Value and Safety
While the FR-S has yet to be completely tested, it does feature Scion’s famous Star Safety System (VSC, TRAC, ABS, EBD, BA and OST) and includes surround airbag protection.

The FR-S is often cited as the #1 value sports car in the market. At $28,243, the FR-S will certainly prove attractive for young drivers eager to feed their need for speed at a price that won’t send them to the poor house. It should also be noted we were quite impressed by the FR-S’ above average MPG (25/34 city and highway).

Special thanks to Scion, who provided us with the vehicle, insurance and full tank of gas for this review.

Photography credit: Mark Klopping and Armando Vargas