After snuffing rival Math Hoffa during King Of The Dot’s (KOTD) “BOLA 5” event over the weekend, popular battle rapper Dizaster receives a lifetime ban from the organization.

In a statement this week, KOTD founder Organik said that the rapper will be banned for life, but with the opportunity to have it lifted. If he pays a $2,500 fine and gives a public apology, Dizaster will only be suspended for one year.

“This is not a case of having Dizaster back in KOTD,” Organik said in his statement, “but a case of taking the right steps forward in killing any sort of animosity these actions have brought upon battle rap as a culture.”

Furthermore, Organik says Math Hoffa should be commended for how he has handled the situation and says that Math is merely a victim of violence.

“[Math Hoffa is] a professional,” he said. “And, has always conducted himself as one underneath the KOTD banner.”