Rockets Diss Jeremy Lin With Image Of Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony in Houston Rockets jersey.

Despite the team’s high hopes for Jeremy Lin when he signed a $25.1 million, three-year contract in 2012, it seems the NBA guard’s days with the Houston Rockets are numbered.

This week, in an effort to court Carmelo Anthony, the Rockets posted pictures of Anthony in a #7 jersey in the windows near one of the entrances to the Toyota Center, reports ESPN.

Melo wore #7 with the New York Knicks, but the only problem is that Lin currently wears the #7 in Houston. It seems like a diss to us, even if it wasn’t intentional.

In response, Lin tweeted a Bible verse Wednesday morning (July 2).

Melo’s stop in Houston is the second leg of his free-agent tour, after meeting with the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday (July 1). He will travel to Dallas to meet with the Mavs later today.

While only time will tell if Lin will be traded, most expect the Rockets to move the guard to help clear enough cap space to offer Anthony a near-max contract.

ESPN says Houston already has a deal in place to move Lin if the Rockets get a commitment from Anthony. Stay tuned…

  1. that was the dumbest fucking bible verse I have ever read! get lins overpaid ass out of there. dude was hot for like 15 mins he hasn’t been that hot since. dueces

  2. there is where you are wrong when Lin has been allowed play Point Guard and to dominate the ball… like when Harden went down for the regular season… and that 1 playoff game this year… Lin has put up very good numbers…

    if you want your statement to be true… you should state Lin is overpaid as a Shooting Guard standing at the 3 point line launching up 3 pointers

  3. Uhhhh I think that was my EXACT statement when I said ” get lins overpaid ass out of here”. He’s overpaid no matter what position he plays. He’s a back up shooting guard skill wise and should be paid as such.

  4. well then you talk out of your a$$

    because the facts show he is putting up very good numbers when he is allowed to dominate the ball

    Rox fans like you may blame him for losing a playoff game when harden was shooting like 30% the whole game… but then Lin was instrumental in winning 2 of those playoff games

    any way you put it he did a lot better than your man Harden did in the playoffs


  5. So you would take Lin over harden? If you say yes to that your an idiot and have no knowledge of the game. Btw harden was hurt a long time before it was official. Which means he played through it and STILL was 10 times the player ” Linsanity” was. Put it this way they put Carmelo’s likeness in lins jersey on a fucking BILLBOARD. Now you tell me how much is this mediocre player valued? Would they have done that to Westbrook or Kobe?

  6. Can’t say if it was diss, but 2 thumbs up to Jeremy, that was quick thinking. Smooth

  7. no I wouldnt take Lin over Harden…

    if the organization and the fans came out and said look were playing Harden over Lin because Harden is better player

    there would be no complaints from me…

    the complaint is how the organization and Fans like you set out to bash Lin’s game after he deferred and took a backseat to Harden, and played out of position…

    everyone knew Lin was on the trading block as soon as he signed that 3 year deal… he was signed as a trade chip and to fill the seats until this 2015 Free Agency year

    the time line changed with Harden coming aboard

    just dont pretend Lin standing at the 3 point line was the reason he was signed to that 3 year deal

  8. thanks for proving our point Lin wasnt valued in your redneck city btw

  9. but I can understand your thinking… Blacks males should not be in University

    Like Asians should not be in the NBA…

  10. you are from detroit… talk about a shiety city… I hear you can buy a house for 1 dollar in the areas where most blacks live

  11. What’s your point? That’s supposed to hurt? This America was built on this city that’s a fact. We all know about certain areas in Detroit. Every city has shitty areas. Where do you live tough guy?

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