Shaquille O’Neal Making DJ Debut?

DJ Shaquille O'Neal

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is the latest celebrity to get on the turntables. Apparently, he’s set to make his DJing debut in Las Vegas next week. But, can he actually DJ? According to fellow NBA analyst, Kenny Smith, he’s actually pretty good.

TMZ cameras caught up with Smith, who said people are going to be surprised.

“He’s good … I’m telling you man, you’re gonna be surprised,” he said. “He’s actually been practicing. I seen him do a straight practice for six hours. I think the love of music taught him. In our era, everybody had a mixer and a fader…”

Kenny also says Shaq gets down with 1990s-era rap and R&B, sure to get the party started.

SHAQ is DJing at the Chateau Nightclub in the Paris Hotel on June 27th.

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