Kevin Durant Not Impressed By Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard wins 2014 NBA Finals MVP

San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard was awarded the 2014 NBA Finals MVP award on Sunday (June 15) after three monster games, in which he led his team to their fifth title.

Despite his stellar performance, it seems not everyone is impressed… specifically Kevin Durant.

Check out the tweets below (since deleted), in which KD says Leonard’s performance should be attributed to the system he plays for.

Kevin Durant not impressed by Kawhi Leonard

Woah!! Is Durant right? Or does Leonard deserve some credit?

  1. Did anyone watch the western conference final with the spurs and okc? If you did, then you would have seen KD look so weak defensively against Leonard and the spurs. KD is an excellent shooter but he is just envious of the fact that they got beat by a less physical but smarter “team” in the WCF. Kawhi may not have had “all-star” stats in the regular season but if you have been watching since 2013 he has improved defensively and helped the spurs when the big three didn’t play most games. He earned that finals MVP and if he continues to improve he will be noticed more in the next few years.

  2. leonard is a beast but i would go with George all day.KD aint hating he spitting facts.

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