gPen x Gumball 3000 “Miami 2 Ibiza” microG

gPen x Gumball 3000 Miami 2 Ibiza microG

With the 16th Annual Gumball 3000 set to launch this week, Grenco Science® announces its inaugural participation with a limited-edition Gumball 3000 | “Miami 2 Ibiza” microG. The fully customized gPen is among the first collaborations to include the company’s new microG Tank and the new microG Herbal Tank, all in one case.

As participants, Grenco Science will traverse two continents, including five countries, covering a distance of 3,000+ miles in a mere span of 7 days.

The Gumball 3000 | “Miami 2 Ibiza” microG is available now at the brand’s online store for $80 USD.

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