Logic Says Dad Stole His Identity At 10 Years Old


Baltimore rapper Logic recently spoke about his relationship with his father, who wasn’t there much during his childhood. When he was, there wasn’t much positivity.

In fact, when he was just 10, his father stole his identity.

“Dad never really lived with me and when he did live with us he would steal things,” Logic said in an interview with VIBE. “I remember one time he stole my identity. My name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II and his name is Robert Bryson Hall and he used my social security card and got like 10 credit cards under my name and was buying and doing all these things and potentially could have ruined my credit before it even began. But, I was 10 years old and the government realized it.”

Also in the interview, the Def Jam signee talks about his forthcoming album, which will be guest-free.

“I wanted to tell my story and I didn’t want anybody to tell their story on what I’m doing,” Logic explained. “I kind of wanted to Illmatic it for the most part. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be any dope-ass features on the deluxe or the bonus. Just because it’s a very raw Hip-Hop album doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be anything for the radio on the deluxe.”

And, as for features he does want, Nas tops the list. “I’d love to work with Drake,” Logic says. “I’d love to work with Cole who is also a homie of mine. Kanye obviously. More than a verse I want a Kanye beat.”

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