Donald Sterling Allows Wife Shelly To Negotiate Clippers Sale

Donald and Shelly Sterling

It looks like Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is giving in.

According to, he’s agreed to allow his wife, Shelly, to negotiate a forced sale of the team.

Shelly Sterling and her lawyers have been negotiating with the NBA since her husband was banned for life by commissioner Adam Silver in late April. The league has yet to formally accept the arrangement, but sources said if she is willing to sell the team in its entirety, it will be quick.

This week, the NBA set a June 3rd hearing for owners to vote on the removal of Sterling as owner of the L.A. franchise; and charged that he has damaged the league with his racist comments.

Sterling’s lawyer responded to the charges by asking for a three-month delay. However, the request was immediately turned down by the NBA.

Shelly has made it clear that she wants to retain her 50% stake in the Clippers, but said (through her lawyers) that she wants to resolve the situation amicably.

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