Marijuana Sizzurp Hits The Market

Grape Syzurp with Cannabidnoid by Actabliss

After drug company Actavis halted production of their prescription cough syrup, Promethazine Codeine (aka lean, aka sizzurp), a Southern California company returns with an alternative, infused with marijuana.

According to L.A. Weekly, a company called Actabliss releases “Grape Syzurp with Cannabidnoid.” It doesn’t actually contain the main ingredient of sizzurp — codeine. This concoction, instead, is centered around the THC and cannabinoids.

The company has already delivered the first batch to Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries.

Actabliss’ founder, who wants to be known only by the nickname Actaboss, said the product was not made to recreate the buzz of sizzurp, but instead, offer an alternative.

“After Actavis said they were pulling their stuff from the market, I came up with the concept of taking their label and using it,” Actaboss told L.A. Weekly. “I touted it as a healthy alternative to lean. A lot of people who say they want to stop drinking lean are purchasing it. A whole group of people realize it’s good medicine and it works for them.”

Despite the founder’s claims, the product has already created controversy. Critics have called out Actabliss for using sizzurp imagery for a product that doesn’t contain codeine or other lean-like drugs, while others say it glorifies a drug that has become problematic in the hip-hop world.

Actabliss is working on new flavors, including a cannabidiol-only (THC-free) version.

  1. I really like the ideal of a Cannabidiol-only (THC-free) version, as that gives qualified patients a non-psychoactive alternative for pain relief.

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