NBA Sets Hearing For Vote Over Donald Sterling’s Termination

Shelly and Donald Sterling

The NBA set a June 3rd hearing for Donald Sterling this week, charging him with damaging the league with his racist comments, during which team owners will vote to decide the future of his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

According to, the league also said the banned owner has engaged in other conduct that has impaired its relationship with fans and merchandising partners.

In response, Sterling has asked for a three-month delay. However, the request is expected to be rejected.

The owners’ vote will take place after the hearing, which will be held in New York.

In addition to the leaked audio of Sterling making racist comments in a conversation with V. Stiviano, the NBA is also pointing to the comments he made during his interview with CNN earlier this month as part of the basis for his removal.

“All of these acts provide grounds for termination under several provisions of the NBA constitution and related agreements,” the league said in a statement.

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