Lil Reese Calls Out 2 Chainz For Stealing Hook From Song

Lil Reese and 2 Chainz

This weekend in hip-hop, some beef surfaced, when Chicago rapper Lil Reese accused 2 Chainz of stealing a hook from one of his songs.

“2 chains old ass weak Af for dat hook tell him I said it yea he kno wat I’m Tom bout…..#300,” Reese tweeted on Friday (May 9).

According to Reese, the Atlanta rap star took some lyricsย from Lil Herb’s song “On My Soul,” featuring Reese, and used it for the hook of his song “Wuda Cuda Shuda” with Lil Boosie.

On the song Reese raps: “You’s a woulda shoulda coulda n*gga / Okay yo’ clique a buncha woulda shoulda coulda n*ggas.”

On the song, from 2 Chainz’sย Freebase EP, he raps some similar lines: “You a wuda cuda shuda ass n*gga / Ole’ wuda cuda shuda ass n*gga.”

Reese’s song came out in April, while 2 Chainz’s track was released earlier this month.

The diss didn’t go unnoticed by 2 Chainz, who replied on Sunday (May 11), saying: “I don’t listen to regular radio I don’t listen to satellite and I dam sholl don’t listen to f*ck n*ggas ! play wit it!”

Listen to both songs below. You be the judge.

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