Beef Brewing Between Game & Compton Menace

The Game and Compton Menace

The beef between Tyga and Lil Durk seems to have uncovered yet another beef between Game and former Black Wall Street associate, Compton Menace.

After Game appeared on Tyga’s diss track for Durk on Tuesday (May 6), Menace chimed in on Twitter… and the back-n-forth began.Β While’s it’s unclear why the former friends are beefing, things started when Menace seemed to jump on Durk’s side in the lyrical exchange.

“This n*gga take on everybody beef .. But his,” Menace wrote, indirectly aimed at Game, with Durk replying: “I’m on his ass squad”.

From there, both Compton rappers began replying to each other via Twitter.

Menace hinted at a possible cause, saying Game took the name of his crew. “BWS BEEN OVER … Money gang came from money hogs … #MHG” Money Hogs is Menace’s crew, while Money Gang is The Game’s newly introduced crew of rappers.

Menace also later claimed that gang member RoseMo (who has since passed away) did, in fact, assault and knock out Game, as he had previously claimed… and even pointed to longtime rumors that the rap star used to be a male stripper.

Despite the verbal dispute, Game says he raps better than any of his rivals… and vows to adress the “street sh*t” as it comes.

Compton Menace is a longtime associate of Game and his Black Wall Street camp. He even appeared alongside Game in the 2008 music video for “Dope Boys,” off LAX.

  1. Real talk on Rosemo 700. Game got hands put on him & it was all over ballerstatus & wshh. Damn RIP Rosemo!

  2. Grow up get married have kids and grow old this is high school drama

  3. @just sayin shut yo in the house ass up fool. This is about beef not peace puss

  4. These people are a joke. Sadly these are the kinds of people that are glorified in the black community. It’s really pathetic.

  5. Now it’s official, even Compton menace the guy who knows all game’s secrets verified that game got slept in the mall loll rosemo seemed to real about his take in that video anyways. R.i.p

  6. Menace is a real nigga…..Game be shittin on all his true bloods.
    “its only so long fake thugs can pretend”

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