Soulja Boy Wants To Petition Return Of Sizzurp

Soulja Boy

Following news that drug company Actavis is halting production of its Promethazine Codeine product, aka Lean, rapper Soulja Boy plans to organize a petition to bring it back.

The young rapper tells TMZ that Actavis’ decision to cease production of the prescription cough syrup doesn’t punish rappers, but instead, hurts the sick.

Soulja Boy claims he drinks Lean, so he can sleep while on the road… and says there’s nothing wrong with that. So, he plans to rally his friends together in a petition drive to bring back Promethazine Codeine.

“As far as the lean goes, just know I been had the juice since 2011,” Soulja Boy added.

  1. I guess he wants to keep on looking like a 67 pound 9 year old. Now this is a dedicated junkie, and i bet he doesn`t evan understand how stupid, and special needs he sounds .

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