Behind The Label: With SF’s Crowdsourced Clothier, Gustin

Behind the Label: With SF's Crowdsourced Clothier, Gustin

For those unfamiliar with San Francisco label Gustin, it has had quite the run since their Kickstarter campaign last year. The premium menswear label is uncompromising in their delivery of quality garments. With every article of clothing serving as a tribute to what started it all: locally sourced clothing built to endure whatever the wearer and life throw at it, all at a price point any working man can afford.

Now spanning eight different product categories, including jeans, button-ups, outerwear, and duffel bags the crowdfunded menswear label is just getting started. We recently had the opportunity to interview Gustin Co-Founder, Stephen Powell.

Gustin has a history in designing premium denim. What sparked the initial idea of expanding into a full collection through crowdfunding?

We started designing denim in 2005 and stocked our line in select boutiques across the country. We quickly became frustrated with the traditional retail model and thought we could do better. With the rise of crowdfunding platforms, we saw an opportunity to reach customers on a more personal level and price conscious manner. With all of this in mind, we decided to relaunch the line in January 2013 and have been growing ever since.

What is Gustin’s biggest inspiration, when designing silhouettes and selecting fabrics?

We’re interested in creating things we like and want to wear. There’s a lot out in the marketplace, but quality menswear is few and far in between. We see ourselves manufacturing every essential product category a man should have in his closet.

Gustin has designed a plethora of garments, all of which are great. What is your personal favorite thus far?

I really enjoy our collection of button-ups, but my favorite is a pair of jeans from one of our first runs. I’ve been wearing that same pair almost everyday for the past two years. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Up to this point, what is your proudest accomplishment at Gustin?

The ability to create a physical product and have it delivered directly to consumers and engage with them has been very rewarding. The fact that it has all been well received only makes it that much more fulfilling.

Does Gustin have any plans of expanding into traditional wholesale retail again?

We absolutely have no plans to do wholesale. We take pride in passing our savings directly to our customers and will continue doing so.

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