Lamar Odom Signs With New York Knicks

Lamar Odom

If you missed it the news, Lamar Odom returned to the NBA Wednesday (April 16), as the New York Knicks announced that they had signed the forward for the remainder of the season.

It sounds odd, being that the regular season also ended Wednesday and the Knicks didn’t make the playoffs.ย However, according to, the deal also carries a second season of non-guaranteed salary.

Timing is everything here. By signing Odom now, the Knicks can use the time, between now and July 1st (when free agency begins) to assess the former Sixth Man’s state, both physically and mentally, to see if he’s worthy of a roster spot next season. calls it “a long-range play for the Knicks, who are banking on the notion that Jackson — in his new role as New York’s team president — can provide the guidance to get Odom’s career back on track.”

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