Journalist Michael C. Ruppert Commits Suicide

Michael C. Ruppert

Former LAPD narcotics investigator Michael C. Ruppert — best known as an investigative journalist and peak oil awareness advocate — is dead. He was just 63 years old.

While details are sketchy, various sources say that he committed suicide. He recorded the final episode of his The Lifeboat Hour radio show Sunday (April 13), after which he took his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Author Carolyn Baker, who was a guest on his show that evening, confirmed the news. “Sunday night, following Mike’s Lifeboat Hour radio show, he was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” she wrote on her Facebook profile. “This was not a ‘fake’ suicide. It was very well planned by Mike who gave us few clues but elaborate instructions for how to proceed without him.

“It was my privilege to have known Mike for 14 years, to have worked with him, to have been mentored by him, and to have supported him in some of his darkest hours, including the more recent ones. I am posting this announcement with the blessing of his partner Jesse Re and his landlord, Jack Martin,” she continued. “Thank you Mike for all of the truth you courageously exposed and for the legacy of truth-telling you left us. Goodbye my friend. Your memory will live in hour hearts forever.”

In the mid-1990s, Ruppert worked as an LAPD narcotics investigator, before he experienced, first hand, government corruption. He uncovered evidence that pointed to the CIA being involved in drug dealing… and would publicly confront agency director John Deutch during a town hall meeting. Deutch did not handle the confrontation very well… and was ultimately terminated from the CIA as a result.

After his time with the LAPD, Ruppert went on to become an investigator and journalist, establishing a newsletter called From The Wilderness, a watchdog publication that exposed governmental corruption, including his experience with CIA drug dealing activities. The newsletter would evolve into a website under the same name, covering vast range of conspiracy theories, including international politics, peak oil, civil liberties, drugs, economics, and the nature of the 9/11 conspiracy.

In 2009, Ruppert starred in a documentary film by Chris Smith called Collapse, in which he summarizes current energy and economic issues, focusing mainly around the core concepts of peak oil and sustainable development… that ultimately lead to his belief of the imminent collapse of the world.

He’s also known for his 2004 book, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire, in which he examines 9/11 and how it all pointed to oil. It’s available now at

Earlier this year, VICE visited the man in the Rocky Mountains (where he had moved) and published a video series called “Apocalypse Man”, where he runs down the theories he’s discussed over the past two decades.

  1. Suicide? Hmmm… I think I see a Jewbag banker hiding in the bushes.

  2. Damn! It’s so Disrespectful to label this couragous man a Conspiracy Theorist rather than a Whistle Blower of Government Corruption and Secrecy. May Allah Be Pleased with his Work on behalf of Humanity….

  3. I don’t believe for a minute this guy committed suicide! I might have been born in the dark, but it wasn’t last night.

  4. Disrespectful indeed. But sadly some will always try to paint him that way, regardless of their intentions. :(

    R.I.P Michael. An ally in the fight for sustainable civilisation has been lost.

  5. There’s no way Michael killed himself. He hung on for 35 yrs, of being hounded, and he still stuck strong. He was too strong a spirit for suicide. He was taken down. You may not physically be with us Michael, but you’re in each and every person who shares your passion for freedom. Rest in peace & guard the rest of the whistle blowers.

  6. suicide my ass Michael was happy & healthy individual he was definitely murdered

  7. R. I. P. He was a great whistle blower Conspiracy REALIST, who helped to alert many with his film about it all. I hope he wasn’t another “suicided” assassination.

  8. The term conspiracy theorist has been given a bad rap. I’d proudly wear that badge but of course he was so much more.

  9. If you listened to his last show or watched the documentary that VICE recently did on him…Ruppert did everything but come out and say “Hey, I am going to kill myself!”. Also, he was NOT in very good health. I am pretty certain that it is safe to say that he took his own life.

  10. Oh, the Nazis come out. My grandfather fought to rid the world of scum like you.

  11. It’s shit like this that makes me want to grab a baseball bat and head to DC!

  12. Probably more like an asshole waspy fascist. You are my chief suspect.

  13. michael ruppert is an inspiration and a TRUE patriot. fox magic never dies

  14. Can anyone tell me if Michael left a note? How do we know for sure it was suicide? I have seen no thing about these important details. Mike would leave a note. He was a very expressive writer.

  15. Anon, how can you even make this assumption? Stay Anon. I’ll use my real handle. Transparency is what we need now. I knew Mike. I don’t know if he was in such pain that he would take his own life. Of course he was depressed. But he was not one to resign to hopelessness.

  16. Suicide my fucking ass, anyone who listens to the last podcast can tell thats not how a man about to commit suicide sounds, if anything he sounds more chipper than he has been in recent times. This man was definitely murdered, such a fucking shame.

  17. Nice of google to put pictures of him with his finger pointing at his head (as if he was crazy), when you search.

  18. A man needs some glimmer of hope that Justice will ultimately prevail. Without that, why not commit suicide?

    I do not know if Ruppert killed himself or was suicided. But I do understand the intense alienation you feel after you take the red pill, wake up, and realize that almost every one else around you is 100% hopelessly freaking certifiably insane.

    That is what Ruppert was talking about in part 3 of “Apocalypse, Man” when he said that America _needs_ to collapse. Americans [darn near all of us] have worked so hard to earn the horrors that the Law of Karma guarantees that we _must_ suffer.

    Agents of Change like Ruppert, Snowden, Manning, Jesus, Dr, King, and others have not been able to save you from yourself because you do not want to be saved.

    But … knowing this … being [like Ruppert] that sane man in this asylum called America surrounded by lunatics who have joined hands and are singing at he top of their lungs in unison like maniacs :

    “I am glad to be an American where at least I know I am free.”

    Why haven’t I put a gun to my head as Ruppert is being said to have done?

    Well …

    1) I get that Dr. King was right when he said:

    “The Arc of the Moral Universe is long but bends towards Justice.”

    2) I get that life does not end at the grave. There are no shortcuts. Killing yourself only guarantees that, in your next reincarnation, you will find yourself in an even worst situation than you are in now.

    3) I get that what is supposed to happen must happen, and that what is not supposed to happen cannot happen, and that, hence, you might as well Renounce and Enjoy.

  19. Really sad, but certainly suicide is not impossible considering Mike’s previous statements:

    “I’m tired, I’m ready to die… I came here to die, or to commit suicide” -MCR in the Vice special “Apocalypse, Man”

  20. Just a few circumspect deaths:
    Michael Hastings
    Gary Webb
    Mike Connell
    John Kennedy, Jr.
    Paul Wellstone and family
    Mel Carnahan
    Kenny “Boy” Lay
    Michael Ruppert
    and god only knows how many others?

    Wasn’t Ruppert poisoned in, I think, Venezuela? I read about the Ashland, OR break-in and the trashing of his office. There were probably numerous government efforts to take out Ruppert that he didn’t publicize.

    A courageous guy. Not very many. Michael Ruppert was to our freedom what the wolf is to Nature.

  21. Were you related to the shooter in Kanas? I can see why you remain anonymous. What a coward.

  22. sad… I don’t have enough information to make a conclusion, but I find it interesting that he seemed to have found himself and enjoyed his life more than ever before + the fact that he did after all say on the joe rogan podcast that if there ever was a claim that he commited suicide, it would 100% not be true

  23. Micheal Ruppert never stopped being a cop. But he was a cop for the people . I do hope that people will remember Mr. Ruppert for his bravery and defiance to corruption of government . Once his man stood up in a town hall meeting in a black part of town pointed his finger at the Director of the CIA and told him he was full of shit .. Mike Ruppert had a real set of balls. A Great American. RIP.

  24. No! Your grandfather fought the world to get money for JEW

  25. sad… I don’t have enough information to make a conclusion, but I find it interesting that he seemed to have found himself and enjoyed his life more than ever before + the fact that he did after all say on the joe rogan podcast that if there ever was a claim that he commited suicide, it would 100% not be true

  26. you sound exactly like me!!!.. he was too bubbly & intense.

  27. Suicide..right…Government murder would be my bet. He must have been on to something real corrupt.

  28. I listened to one of his shows where he talked about selling all his guns before he moved. So where did this gun come from?

  29. I also believe he was ready. In the next 10-15 years oil prices will skyrocket and the dollar will crash, become worth next to nothing and many people will lose their jobs because credit once again like in 2008 will be frozen.

    I will miss his show, he also uncovered the people behind Biggies and 2-Pac deaths.

  30. I just wonder why it is Carolyn Baker is so ready to smooth the waters & tell everyone it is no doubt a suicide! Maybe she is one of them CIA implants…. Just a thought eh.

  31. Yeah, but the media with their hit pieces will out themselves and certify the murder.

  32. The man was a narcotics detective. How many lone drug dealers are there? It was his job description to theorize conspiratorial crimes in the drive to solve them. Of course he was a conspiracy theorist. The real ill is using it as a derogatory term.

  33. PublicAdvocate, you can add to that list Aaron Swartz — another guy who, like Ruppert, was committed to fighting powerful people before he conveniently ‘committed suicide’.

  34. RIP Michael. A real pity we don’t have Philip Seymour Hoffman to portray him in a biopic. They look alike

  35. weird..I just got done watching Apocalypse on Vice yesterday :-

  36. @ rambo101 … you hit the nail on the head with this comment … once this man stood up in a town hall meeting in a black part of town pointed his finger at the director of the CIA and told him he was full of shit … and brought a powerful man down … a true hero michael was , he woke me up years ago . RIP michael i will always remember you … from canada with sorrow and love .

  37. Not our Michael ! Anyone talk to Matt Savinar about this yet ? This is so wrong on all levels. RIP Michael…first Phil Snyder now you….we are losing too many heroes….My heart cries :-(

  38. Stop It. STOP IT!

    It is too easy, after an Agent Of Change has been suicided, for America’s Coppertops to come up with ‘proof’ that the b.s. our handlers are spinning is the truth.

    You ‘experts’ who are, now, after the fact, cherry pickings things Ruppert said as proof that he killed himself are, also, conveniently ignoring the many life-affirming things he also said in that same documentary — things like his comments which I am about to end this comment with. His apparent dichotomy — his love/hate relationship with life here in the Belly of the Beast — is something that others of us who are also committed to fight the Beast to our last breath understand quite well. You ‘experts’ do not ‘get’ it. But I understaod perfectly what he was talking about when he said, over and over again, that “the scout’s knife cuts in both directions”:

    “There are people who would lay down and die. Well, that’s not a warrior’s path.”

    “It’s the warrior’s way — you are fighting til the last minute”

    “I don’t believe that you die. Death is a door. You go through it”

    “The path you are supposed to follow is the only one left open for you.” [NOTE: This is the best western version I have heard yet of Gandhi’s mantra — “Renounce and Enjoy”]

  39. If you believe he committed suicide I have 3 pyramids in Giza to sell you. I’m just surprised it took them this long. RIP mr Ruppert

  40. I would love to see a real autopsy! And it is ‘fake’ Jews involved, not real Jews. And Wgalison, that is what they Nazi’s were doing, trying to prevent the “Jews” from destroying the world through banking. False Jews.

  41. When you have ‘evidence’ its no longer ‘theory’, its just a conspiracy…. the gov and crooked bankers don’t like evidence so the call it ‘theory’. F them!

  42. yall get so off topic and into arguing your little bullshit, its borderline disgusting. perfect indicator of where humanity’s attention span is and where its headed. Rest In Power Mike Rupe. Your message lives.

  43. i came to read the article after a friend of his posted on fb he believed Michael did not commit suicide but was killed. being that he was an investigative journalist targeting government wrongdoing, i had already strongly suspected he was taken out. this seems more likely what happened, just another routine cia killing, they don’t take kindly to criticism.

  44. Suicide my ass. He was obviously murdered, and it made to look like a suicide.

  45. steppin’ in here… why do you never day Dago or Whop Banksters? 1/2 of Wall St was Italian used car salesmen / gansters… and there’s plenty of WASPS in Banking… so really drop the Jew Bankster BS

  46. it feels like ive lost a brother or even a father, it was always a great wish of mine to have met him and to have a beer with him but now that day will never come. the world has lost a great man and you will never be forgotten and lets hope your work lives on through us all. RIP michael, :( x

  47. I don’t normally jump on the conspiracy bandwagon but nothing about this feels right.

  48. From February 7, 2014, at this same site:

    “Following the release of Collapse, Michael’s personal life collapsed himself. He paid off all his debts, left behind all his friends, and moved with his dog Rags to Colorado, planning to commit suicide. But, he’s still there… and VICE catches up with him.”

  49. I know Ruppert was very anti-tech. I wonder if he endorsed solar or wind power as viable alternatives or if he also saw such tech fixes as ultimately futile.

  50. Suicide, eh? Just like Michael Hastings. Suicide by FBI, CIA, NSA most likely. Uh, huh. Looks like there’s a world war being waged against activists, journalists and whistleblowers. The truth is dangerous business, indeed.

  51. Remember that sentiment when they come for you or one of yours.

  52. There have also been a string of low level bankster “suicides” reported. MHO is that they’re being taken out because they planned to talk. Small potatoes, no one anyone would miss anyway.

  53. I don’t think it is cherry-picking statements when his friends admitted that they had covered for him many times when he threatened to die by his own hand. His closest associates are calling this suicide. I recall that when Gary Webb died, Michael was not reluctant to acknowledge it as a suicide (even though it seemed to have more loose ends than his own). I would say it was about “it takes one to know one,” and he and Webb both felt they had not accomplished enough to change things. Webb lost his career and his family for telling the same truth about Iran-Contra that Ruppert had done in LA with the CIA director he was proud of having bested. But in his meditation on Webb afterwards, there was a sense of his own possible end.

    It’s easy to overlook that we are all mad at him for leaving us, but we are. A part of me blames him for being vain and macho, and not wanting to be an old man who has lost his physical powers. That’s a big motive in the age group, you know. There’s the macrocosm – the big world he was upset with. But the microcosm was his own failing body, failing as we all do. He wasn’t happy with either.

  54. But those journalists are usually young men, and seen as threatening to the Establishment, so they are driven from the Establishment and either commit suicide or are hunted down and killed. Mike was not so young, and his messages had been out in the world for 20 years, nor was he at some fancy vetted Establishment news organization, stepping out of line for the first time.

  55. The Key to discerning where your true loyalties lie is that you ‘are all mad at him for leaving us’, yet did not write one word of displeasure about the tyrants in the LAPD and the CIA who made his mortal life a living hell.

  56. Also, did he make arrangements for someone to look after Rags? If he did not, he did not commit suicide. He was suicided.

  57. As Michael Parenti said time and time again when someone happens to get close to the truth, they start labeling him a “conspiracy nut.” That somehow extremely powerful people in this world do not get together and plan out how they will rule the world.

  58. No Jew bankster is 100% right – it is not at all defamatory – Rockefeller and Rothschid account for 40% of USA’s wealth today & pretty much 100% of all the trouble it causes Globally – they are (or claim to be) Jews (tho Khazars not Semites)

  59. Of course he did not kill himself. Likely Carolyn Baker got some bucks from her lies. Hope she is next. It is a psychological fact that anyone who undergoes and overcomes years of troubles and depression does not take his own life with a gun. So many folks of late have died suspiciously. No one looked into Wren Scott’s (is it?) hanging. Come on, hanging with a silk scarf. If anything, she owed money to the wrong people. Why don’t folks with some resources investigate these incidents?

  60. Michael was a truther and a friend to all of us. If anyone had a clue he talked of being peaceful at his time of death. He make his choices and knew of what was to come and God Bless Michael, I hope you are dancing.

  61. For your information most Americans and Germans did not want that war. Men like your Grandfather and mine were drafted because they were the poor kids with no choice or they were misinformed patriots that joined. The jews in Germany started that war, just like they start most wars. Listen to a speech by Benjamin Freedman(whom is jewish) on the Balfour Declaration and he gives much truth how things really went down for both sides. Otherwise you are just misinformed like the rest of the masses.

  62. Mike C Ruppert is the one person who introduced me to the red pill and I haven’t regretted my decision. I hope he has the peace he was looking for in life but couldn’t find. The (natural) world is poorer for this loss.

  63. Its people like you in the world that make people like Ruppert opt out. People who turn life and the world into a shitfest.

  64. just your typical govt suicide……..two bullets to the head!

  65. Benjamin Freedman 1963 speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC, google it! 1933 Jewish Worldwide Boycott of Germany, 1933 Transfer Agreement between Germany and Palestine. (Israel)

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