Nate Dogg’s Family Fighting Over Sale Of Home

Nate Dogg

Since Nate Dogg passed away in 2011, the family he left behind has been fighting over his estate, though not much was left.

According to, a legal battle has ensued over his Pamona, California home between the estate administrator and his family.Β The admin wants to sell the home, reaching an agreement in March for $340,000, which would be used to pay off the singer’s debts. However, the family wants to halt the sale because it would leave them with little money.

In Nate’s will, he left his six kids the house, but two days after his death, the bank tried to foreclose on the property because the singer had fallen behind on his mortgage.

Nate Dogg suffered a series of strokes, starting in 2007, that forced him into rehab to re-learn basic motor functions and speech. After he passed, his caretakers (CareMeridian) sued the estate for more than $290,000 in medical bills… and a judge ruled in their favor.

A judge will have to make a decision over the sale of his house too.

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