Big Sean, Naya Rivera Split Over “Anger & Jealousy”

Big Sean and Naya Rivera

Big Sean and Naya Rivera surprised fans this week, when news broke that the couple had called off their engagement.ย Moreover, the “Glee” star hopped on Twitter to call Sean a thief, saying he stole a Rolex watch from her home, which he claims was his to begin with.

More news has surfaced. According to, the break-up stems from Naya’s “fits of anger and jealousy.”

“Our sources say Naya demanded to know where he was at all times and would threaten him by saying things like, ‘If you don’t listen to what I say, I’ll ruin your career,’ ” writes TMZ.

She was also jealous any time Sean was with other women… and would “work herself up into jealous rages … once breaking an expensive lamp during a rampage in his home.”

It got so bad, sources say they actually went to couples counseling — bad if you’re newly engaged. This is when, Sean is said to have realized it was time to leave.

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