Q&A: DJ Whoo Kid Talks Hiding From Nas, Fighting With 50 Cent

DJ Whoo Kid

If you haven’t heard his trademark “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KID” either on your satellite radio or on a mixtape, then you do not know hip-hop. DJ Whoo Kid is one of the craziest, funniest and most well-respected DJ’s around the world. He will DJ in a country you’ve never even heard of and fly back to the States and interview Kermit the Frog.

Whoo Kid has been in the game for decades, growing up in Jamaica, Queens he saw legends being born and legends being made. He is best known as the DJ for 50 Cent and G-Unit, and these days makes noise with his down SiriusXM radio show on Shade 45. Refusing to be placed inside a box, Whoo Kid has everyone on his show from Miss Piggie to Nascar racers to some of Hollywood’s A-list stars.

We caught up with Whoo Kid recently to recall memories of him hiding behind a plant from Nas, if 50 Cent ever actually apologizes, and what’s up with G-Unit.

I heard you just got back from SXSW, how was it?

Man the sh*t was crazy. I actually ran into Nas and I haven’t seen him since forever… I said some sh*t in the past, but we both from Queens and we worked together in the past. I wasn’t sure if we were cool now or not, so when I saw him I hid behind a bush. Nas saw me and he was like, “Man, come from outta those bushes.” I guess we are all good now, we are about to work together on some sh*t. There’s an exclusive for you!! Pow. N*ggas know I’m versatile, I’m the only dude that can interview Kermit the Frog, smoke weed with Snoop and be in video games.

What video games were you in?

I was in Call Of Duty and I was in some Grand Theft Auto games. I’m bout to be in the new Grand Theft Auto that takes place in New York again.

How can you smoke weed, f*ck bitches and then interview Kermit though?

I had Miss Piggy on my show once, talking sh*t about these rappers and rap game. I am just very approachable and I’m funny motherf*cker. That is what helped me expand internationally too.

When was your first time touring overseas?

I went to Japan my first time, it was kind of weird seeing how big hip-hop is over there. After that, I just kept going out there and marketing myself. I toured the world with 50, but I networked on my own. I brought my mixtape movement out there by working with French artists and artists from UK. I dominated those two markets, and then, I kept expanding to different countries. I am known for more than one thing and that’s because I take this sh*t serious. If I gotta be funny on the mic, I’ll be the funniest motherf*cker out there. If I’m DJing, I’m rocking the crowd. My real life isn’t what you see on Instagram and Twitter, that’s work for me.

Earlier before we started, you told me you weren’t smart. How can you say that after what you just told me?

I just play dumb, that’s how I survived for 20 years. Now I’m this mysterious idiot who never gets in trouble.

Some of my favorite interviews you’ve done are when 50 Cent is on your show and you play that role.

50 and I are brothers, but when we are on the radio, we have our radio roles or whatever. Off the mic, we talk sh*t to each other and say, “Uhh whatever n*gga, I love you.” But, on radio its all just jokes. It’s so crazy. It seems like we are just hanging out some times. I bring this element to all my interviews and that’s how I been around for 20 years. I’ve been around since before hip-hop even existed.

I thought you were a little older ’cause I know you been around for long time.

Yea, Grandmaster Flash is my homeboy he looks older than me.

Do you think you really started to cross over once you got on Shade 45?

I went from Hot 97 to satellite, because I didn’t want to just be local. Shout out to Flex, Ebro and Stretch Arm Strong for showing me the radio route. Stretch took a risk on me and put me on his show. I did Hot 97 for seven years, then Eminem and Paul Rosenberg got involved with satellite radio. Paul called me up like, “You can have your own show, whenever you want, as long as you’re an idiot on air.”

You said you have this persona, but I feel like you have to be this way off mic too.

People that know me think I’m a f*cking idiot, so yea. I don’t usually walk around mad because when your making money and f*cking chicks, there’s nothing to be mad about. I make a lot of other people mad though (laughs).

Do you remember a time when you pissed 50 Cent off the most? That probably wasn’t a pretty sight.

I’ve pissed 50 Cent off plenty of times and it’s always over some bullsh*t that the crowd doesn’t even know about. He is such a perfectionist, so I can’t blame him. There was this one time — and it wasn’t even my fault because we had a production issue. The stage hand that operates the sound wasn’t muting the “Many Men” volume from the video. While I would play the song, the audio from the video would be playing too. This idiot kept forgetting to hit mute, and after the third date, 50 starts getting pissed at me. I was sitting on top of the stage and there was this fire pole separating us, so he couldn’t punch me yet. Sometimes he’ll try to grab me or play fight, so after the show he grabbed me. The lights go out — and this is in Toronto by the way — I come down the pole, and my boy was like “50 wants to see you.” I go see 50 and he’s like, “Why you f*cking everything up every show?” Remember that rumor that 50 punched Lloyd Banks and he were leaving G-Unit? Well what really happened was 50 pushed me down, thinking that I f*cked up the show. It was dark back there and I knocked into Banks and people thought 50 pushed Banks. Finally, 50 watched the show footage and saw that the sound guy was f*cking up.

So what happen to the sound guy? Did he disappear? How many times did he get shot?

I don’t know what happen to him, but he definitely got fired. The funny thing about 50 is that he will never say sorry, ever. 50 knew I was so furious at him after all this sh*t. I was like, “F*ck you n*gga.” That was in my head though (laughs), I didn’t say that to him. He knew I was mad, so this is how he says sorry: He puts his hand on my head and says, “I love you man”. 50 never says sorry, but we’ve been touring for like 10 years. So, we have this real relationship. That is just the perfectionist in him, but he’ll never say sorry. If I’m off by one beat, he’ll stop the show and call me an asshole even if I just did two hours perfect.

Did you get in on that Vitamin Water deal?

Hell no I didn’t get none of that sh*t, but I saw the checks that 50 got. I saw one check for like 20 something million. I saw another check for 23 million I think, and I was like, “What the f*ck?”

What’s up with G-Unit? You know I got to ask.

Everybody is just bugging out. I’m trying to get them all together.

What does Lloyd Banks do on a daily basis? Seems like he just smokes weed and bangs girls all day?

(Laughgs) Well he doesm but he’s always in the studio. I talked to him last week and he’s always working on music. All of the members have there own personal issues going on. While they are doing that sh*t, I’m out doing my own thing. These guys are grown ass men, I’m not here to babysit. If they don’t talk, that’s their business, I don’t know the exact issue.

I wanted to talk about pod casting/radio and the future of it all. Where do you think it’s all heading?

I’m moving to TV actually and working with Russell Simmons. Russell and his assistant kidnapped me and we met up.

How many times in your life have you been kidnapped?

I’ve been kidnapped mad times, physically and subliminally. Diddy put me in a headlock one time in front of 50 and demanded where I got that Biggie record from. I’m cool with everyone now, but yea, I used to get kidnapped a lot more. TV is definitely next on my line up. Hosting maybe, or my own little syndication, where it will be comedic but informative at the same time. Ill throw some n*gga words in there and I’ll be straight. I’m tired of these corny non-confrontational f*cks and this corny host. That sh*t annoys me.

I feel like a lot of rappers could have there own show like that.

Yea, they need to give the right people these spots, not these dumb nerdy f*cks. I don’t even watch TV ’cause these people look so dumb. “Look Jay Z sold number 1” — Man, shut the f*ck up. I don’t believe you. You look like a jerk and you dress like a jerk and you don’t look like someone I would hang out with. Get the f*ck outta here with that. TV needs someone that gets love, dresses cool and is actually funny, and that’s me. I’m not doing any politics and I’m not getting f*cked in my ass.

I’m down with my n*gga Russell, so I’m good. He’s the political one. If he has to put up a million to give me the job he will.

What is your advice to anyone out there trying to bang bitches and get paid to talk sh*t like Whoo Kid?

Find a way to do your own thing in the industry. It took me like 10 years to get where I’m. All you got to do is find someone that’s cool to hang out with like Russell Simmons, and then just lie your ass off, that’s it. I lied and I met Russell and I even told Russell I lied (laughs).

Can you pass me Russell’s number?

I got his number, his ATM number, his social security and his bitches numbers and I am going to call them right now. You got to do a full 360 and make sure you cover everything and just use the Internet.

Also go to my Instagram (@Whookid) and look at my lifestyle. All that sh*t is superficial fake sh*t though, but it helps my career. I don’t really show my persona life like that, you will never see my baby mother ’cause she’s a piece of sh*t. It’s usually me in studio wilding out or DJing, I just give people what they want.

For more on Whoo Kid, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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