“Grand Theft Auto 6” Returning To Liberty City?

GTA - Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto V just dropped last September, but it seems Rockstar Games is already hard at work on installment #6?

In our recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, he leaked a tidbit of info about the upcoming title, saying that he will be playing an unknown role in the next title, which he says will be returning to New York City, otherwise known as Liberty City in the GTA world.

“I was in Call Of Duty and I was in some Grand Theft Auto games. I’m bout to be in the new Grand Theft Auto that takes place in New York again,” said the DJ.

For GTA fans, Liberty City is first city the game takes place in, starting with the 1997 original and 2001’s breakout installment, GTA III. The series went to Miami with Vice City in 2002, then L.A., and back to NYC in 2008 with Grand Theft Auto IV.

There’s no official word as of press time, so stay tuned…

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