Just when you thought nobody could be more of a douche bag than Kanye West, the Ye of Silicon Valley surfaces — Rap Genius founder, Mahbod Moghadam.

The tech boss recently did an interview with NextShark, in which he delivered some pretty classic quotables, such as referring to his site as bigger than both Wikipedia and Facebook.

“Everyone, right off the bat, knew [RapGenius] is going to be the biggest website of all-time,” Moghadam proclaimed, before talking about its contribution to mankind. “Now, experiencing it, it’s overwhelming… what’s cool about being involved in [RapGenius] is bringing a new way of thinking to human culture.

“I’m willing to suffer the corporate heat to bring this tremendous message to humanity, because I think it’s bigger than Facebook. It’s much better than Wikipedia, and that makes it better than Facebook.”

The interview goes on with Moghadam delivering crazy one-liners, such as calling Rap Genius “the cocaine of apps, the cocaine of websites,” “the biggest site, the biggest phenomenon on the entire Internet,” and “a poem that God has written.”

Sure, RapGenius is a cool website, but come on, lol.