Chance The Rapper

In the latest episode of CNN’s eight-part seriesĀ Chicagoland, Chance The Rapper is highlighted.

In the piece, the death of Chance’s close friend Kevin Ambrose is featured. He was gunned don in 2013 while he was recording his acclaimed Acid Rap project.

“I remember waking up that morning, Chance was pretty upset,” the rapper’s father said. “I asked him what happened and he told me, ‘Kevin got killed last night.’ There are a lot of challenges they’re facing and I’m concerned about Chance everyday.”

Chance’s loss helped inspire his mixtape track “Paranoia”, which also deals with city’s violence.

“It’s about the people that are affected beyond the two people that have a confrontation,” Chance explained. “It’s really just about putting the death of a young innocent person in front of a bunch of people’s faces.”