Monopoly Wants To Add “House Rules” To Board Game


Hasbro is looking to fans on social media to determine some modest updates to the iconic board game, Monopoly.Β In a recent press release, the company said they want fans to help in choosing some “House Rules” to add into future editions of the game.

For decades, people have come up with their own additions to the rules, from awarding $400 (instead of $200) to players who land directly on the “Go” space, to putting all fees into a pot that goes to the lucky player who lands on “Free Parking.” Now, Hasbro wants to add them to the game… and is open to all considerations.

“Knowing that ‘House Rules’ have long been a part of the Monopoly gaming tradition, Hasbro is giving Monopoly fans around the world an opportunity to ‘break the rules’ by inviting them to help select the top ‘House Rules’ to become a part of future Monopoly games,” says the press release.

From now until April 3rd, the Monopoly Facebook page will host the Great Monopoly “House Rules” Debate, where fans are encouraged to debate the pros and cons of 10 “House Rules” that were selected as a result of polling fans around the world. The top “House Rules” will be incorporated into the “MONOPOLY: House Rules Edition” game, releasing this fall. It will also be included in the classic game guide in 2015.

Official rules will not change, instead fans who love playing with their own rules will have the opportunity to play them in their game.

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