Lucky Alvarez is a Los Angeles staple, who’s been putting in the work in the streetwear and underground street scene for over two decades.

Back in 1992 and ’92, he began his career with two highly successful raves, before eventually launching pioneering streetwear brands, Ziphe and 187 Hudda, the latter stirring controversy and ultimately being banned from schools across the nation for its controversial name.

After launching yet another brand, which he would go on to sell off, Lucky linked with Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol, becoming a part of the Soul Assassins collective and head designer for the iconic Joker Brand clothing.

Today, he introduces his newest endeavor: Cruizer & Co. A brand that pulls its inspiration from the creative energy that flows from the very place it was birthed, the Los Angeles/West Coast street scene. Deriving its perspective by throwing back to the 80’s and 90’s cruising, punk, hip-hop, funk, disco, graffiti and skateboarding origins, the style remains true to the essence of the streets.

In a new interview, Lucky discusses his history in the Los Angeles scene, the success of his past brands, and the birth of the newly launched Cruizer & Co.

For more info, visit the Cruizer & Co. website, which currently offers a range of graphic t-shirts.