Lord Jamar

Lord Jamar continues to express his distaste for modern-day hip-hop, and the way the culture has evolved in recent years.

Specifically, the rap vet sits with VladTV to discuss his feelings toward Yelawolf rocking Confederate flag, calling it offensive.

“That ain’t cool, being a hip-hop artist and wear that,” Jamar said. That’s not cool. Country artists been wearing it, but this ain’t country. This ain’t country, this is hip-hop and that’s offensive.

“If a black man decided to wearing a Nazi sweatshirt with a swasikah on it — even though they jacked that symbol. How would white people, or a Jewish person as yourself, feel about that? You’d be upset.”

In early January, Yelawolf made headlines for rocking the Confederate flag in a series of Instagram photos, receiving backlash from some.¬†Others, however, said they look at the Southern flag as a proud emblem of the region’s heritage. In a poll we ran, asking if it was ok for a rapper to wear the Confederate flag, nearly 64% voted that it was ok.

What do you think of Lord Jamar’s take on it? Agree? Or is he off his rocker?