Nick Young

Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young was robbed over the weekend of around $100,000 in personal items.

According to, the 28-year-old was playing against the Orlando Magic on Sunday (March 23) at the team’s home arena, Staples Center. When he returned to his Sherman Oaks home, he found an upstairs window broken.

“I came in, I seen my drawers and everything open and clothes all over the floor and the glass was broken from the window,” Young told reports after Lakers practice Monday (March 24). “I think they knew that I had a game that day, I think they scoped it out a little bit. Obviously they knew nobody was in the house and they knew we had a game. So, they came at the right time.”

Young said robbers stole clothing, shoes, jewelry and luggage, totaling around $100,000.

He’s since moved into a hotel, and police are investigating. “I didn’t feel safe no more,” Young said.

Although he has homeowners insurance, one item hs’s disappointed about is… his Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” sneakers. “They got me, man. They stole my Yeezys, too, man.”