Slaughterhouse Says Fans Will Be “Shocked” By New Album


It’s been two years since their release of their Shady Records debut, but Slaughterhouse is hard at work on the follow-up, entitled Glass House. While in Texas for SXSW, the foursome — Crooked I, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9 and Joell Ortiz — spoke further about the project and the recording process.

“We’re about 75, 80 percent to where we wanna be I think when the album comes out,” Budden said. “A lot of people will be shocked at the calibre of music on this particular body of work. I feel like not only did us as artists go somewhere that we probably haven’t explored as a collective in quite some time but the synergy and the music, you know Just Blaze executive produced the album… I think everybody in there, we just locked down for two months and inspired each other and the music reflects that.”

He also explained  how different it will be from their last effort. “My 13-year-old son can rhyme words,” Joe explained. “I mean let’s be clear, rhyming is very easy, some music out reflects how easy rhyming is. But, the content I think is what is gonna separate this particular body of work from our previous efforts. It’s different. To say melancholy, introspective, I think those would be understatements. Like I always say, music is what feelings sound like. And that’s what the album sounds like.”

Crooked I added that personal struggles will help fans relate to the group. “I think we were going through different things personally in our life and it just shines through the music,” he said. “That’s what’s gon’ make it real relatable to the fans, it’s everyday struggles, everyday pain, everyday obstacles. You gon’ go on a journey when you listen to this album and you’re gonna get to know Slaughterhouse a lot better from the intro to the outro. I’m hoping that we become more like a friend to the listener than a rapper that they’re listening to. I think the whole album is gonna really surprise people.”

  1. i hope its better than that last one for real folk! i love these ccatz and that first joint they dropped was a classic. hopefully they do they thang on this one. i wasnt feeling that shady debut album AT ALL.

  2. I wasn’t feeling it either… I was dissappointed… I think it was more of an Eminem album than a slaughterhouse album. I don’t like eminem, so for me that’s not good. But for those that like it I guess they loved the album.

  3. Yea I agree I think em had an influence on it. I respect em but I don’t bang his shit at all. I don’t know too many if any of my people who do.

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