Wu-Tang Clan Discuss Likelihood Of Another Album, Issues Within

Wu-Tang Clan

The long awaited Wu-Tang Clan reunion album (A Better Tomorrow) has been a topic of discussion among fans for a while now, so where are things now?

Grantland recently ran a profile on the group, where members of the Wu discussed the likelihood of the project and the hurdles they’ve faced along the way.

Longtime frontman RZA says he is pushing for Clan to unite on an album. “We all agree — me, you, and the rest of the world — that these guys are great by themselves any f***ing way,” he says. “But they are greater when we come together! We come together, we make platinum, G. That’s the true f***ing reward for our top talent. And I say that to the guys. I don’t know who hears me.”

RZA wants to keep plans for a Wu album alive, despite various issues, which he says has plagued them since their last project. “In the beginning, I’d fight for the ship to go in the right direction. Not just yelling. Physical fights. After five years, I just didn’t have the same willpower to fight… I felt really personally hurt after 8 Diagrams… That was my brothers and [the Wu-Tang Clan] was sh*tting on it. I remember, it was all of us in a room, and I said, ‘I will never again step up and do business with you.’ Then the 20th anniversary came up. I said, ‘I gotta try it again.’ I’m pushing. I’m pushing.”

In the article, Raekwon also shared his feelings on the matter, expressing that he doesn’t agree that RZA should control every aspect of the project. “I would be the first one to say that we cannot leave everything in RZA’s hand no more,” he explained. “He has done his job to the greatest of his ability when we were younger, but now every man plays an imperative role in this situation. His plan was to do a more humble album. We was like, ‘Nah. You can’t do that with the hardest group in the game.’

“It’s like getting the United Nations to all agree on one f*cking thing,” Raekwon cotinued.. “Italy ain’t having it. Japan is on some sh*t. You know what I mean? Now, here it is, the 20-year anniversary that’s so decoratedly respected that we might not even be on time for this sh*t.”

It seems there’s issues across the board, as well. Member U-Gog says he’s strictly “amicable” with most members of the crew. “Raekwon is ‘tired of hanging around me’; Ghostface has been rebuffing his offer for a full-album team-up, called Goldie and Ghost, for years,” writes Grantland.

“Whatever. I don’t care,” U-God said of the talked about projects. “Maybe when I was a little younger, it might’ve bothered me. I felt entitled. Nine egos, nine dudes, nine everybody thinking they the sh*t. [But] I’m not entitled to nothing but what I put work in for.”

As far as RZA, U-God says they “go through it,” but remains loyal. “I love this n*gga. He saved my f***in’ life. He gave me a purpose. Nobody better be disrespecting him in front of me.”

Other members, including Inspectah Deck and GZA, seem to have conflicting thoughts on a new album.

“The nucleus has separated,” Deck says. “But it’s temporary. Once RZA throws up that Batman symbol, that Wu-Tang ‘W,’ it’s goin’ be on again. And I can’t wait.”

“It would be great to do another album, come back with a banger, but I don’t think we have anything to prove. We proved it already,” adds GZA.

In recent months, questions over the album — previously expected for summer 2014 — came up during interviews with both RZA and Rae, who seem to be worlds apart on making it happen.

In November 2013, RZA told Grantland that many of the members had been recording… expect Raekwon. “And one of the guys who showed up the most was Method Man,” he said at the time. “He showed the most tenacity, he was the most vocal, he showed up the most, and he got the most lyrics on the new album. He’s already recorded eight or nine songs. He’s been on it. You know, I give Cappadonna credit, he’s been really on it. U-God has been present. Masta Killa be representing. Inspectah Deck has been somewhat present. Ghost has been, you know, 20 percent present. And Raekwon hasn’t shown up at all. When you look at somebody like Masta Killa and U-God, they seem to have that original hunger to complete the legacy. I respect that everybody [is] busy with they own lives. I started with a plan that I thought would work. Now maybe my plan not working.”

Rae, on the other hand, told The Breakfast Club in February that it’s all business… and that needs to be worked out before anything happens. “Yo, all I can say is like — it’s business,” he said said. “You know? I would never put my family — First of all, you know that’s the mothership. Never ever ever gonna violate that, but at the same time it’s 20 years later, b. And business gotta be done correctly. I wanna be happy. You know what I mean? I wanna do this album in harmony. I wanna do it most likely — I wanna do it in the best way because, you know, brothers already said that’s the last joint. And that right there was like — I found out like y’all found out.”

What do you think? Will a Wu-Tang 20th anniversary album ever happen?

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