Lil Wayne Talks Cash Money Longevity, Sports & Prison

In part 2 of his CRWN interview at SXSW with Elliott Wilson, Lil Wayne continues the conversation, discussing the Cash Money Records legacy, their longevity and more.

“Til this day, I still see Slim smiling about music and still see Baby impressed by music he hearing by me. Man, we still doing this,” said the rap star. “And to know that we’re still relevant, we ain’t just doin’ it for ourselves. We doin’ it ’cause we actually have to and we have to for the fans. It’s unbelievable.”

Later, Weezy talks about skateboarding, his prison memoir, and sports — including his favorite teams: the Boston Red Sox, Green Bay Packers, and L.A. Lakers.

On sports: “It’s a passion, so it’s not nothing that I have to go study. When you passionate about it, the knowledge comes.”

On writing a book about his Rikers Island prison experience: “I kept a ‘journal’ when I was in there, I did that for myself. I started writing sh*t down everyday, so [manager Cortez Bryant] thought it would be a good idea. He was like, ‘Man, if you don’t mind, if you could get me those sh*ts that you wrote everyday, I could make a book out of that. People wanna see that.’ I was like, ‘Honestly, Tez, I ain’t do nothing.’ Literally it would be like, ‘I went to the day room today. Played cards. I whipped a n*gga ass in Uno.’ He was like, ‘People wanna read that.’ I was like, ‘You sure? I guess. You’re never wrong, my n*gga.’ So that’s what the book is gonna be. I ain’t writing no book. That’s what the book is, my jail journal.”

On skateboarding: “I’m dedicated to anything I do. Anything I do, I do it in abundance. I said, ‘Let me get me a skateboard.’ I ain’t gon’ do nothin’ once. So I put a skate ramp on my roof and started busting my ass everyday ’til I got it right. Now I can’t stay off that motherf*cker. I’ve been off my f*ckin’ board for too long ’cause I’ve been in the studio everyday.”

On why he raps about “p*ssy” so much: “Why wouldn’t I? What you want me to talk about, the world? I ain’t no goddamn professor. Ya’ll gotta remember, I started doing this sh*t at 8.”

On his verse on Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier”: “That set me off. Them little eight bars right there, that got me there boy. If you ask me why, it was Beyoncé. That sh*t was big.”

On his legacy: “I would like to be remembered as a humble, good soul. Good spirit, good soul, like a Willie Nelson, like a Snoop Dogg. Before I used to be shooting more for a Biggie, Pac, Jay-type title. But now I think my history already done that. I want to be remembered as, ‘Man, that n*gga was cool. He did great ass music and that’s who he is.'”

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