50 Cent was asked, again, about his exchange with industry vet Steve Stoute at the New York Knicks game in late February, during which he told Complex that he’s close to “getting his ass whooped.”

While Fif didn’t get into what was said, he acknowledged that he’s looked at as the bully in the situation.

“They call me the bully. I’m responding to them,” he said. “To something that he said. Do we say ‘Good for him’ if I smack fire out of him in front of everybody at Madison Square Garden…D oes anyone say ‘Good for him?’ Or do they go ‘Oh man, why 50 do that? He bullied him. You saw how he did that’… I don’t understand how you’re the bully for responding to someone else attacking you.”

He also offered a warning to Stoute and also criticized the media for not choosing to question Stoute about the confrontation at Madison Square Garden.

“He’s getting into shallow waters,” 50 Cent said. “Like he’s getting closer to actually getting his ass whooped. You feel what I’m saying to you? Once you start saying things and then I actually feel like I have to come to you. I don’t know where—Whose fault is it later? If the journalist pushes and pulls and pushes and pulls. And then asks the question that forces the artist into saying things that—You didn’t force me to say. Never, you never forced me to say. He said it himself…But it sets him up. It sets him up because it provides the opportunity for him to go down that actual lane. And some of them are not smart enough not to.”