Chris Brown in court

Chris Brown appeared in court Monday afternoon (March 17), and got some bad news. He has been ordered to stay in jail until late April.

The singer was booted from a Malibu rehab on Friday (March 14) for violating internal rules. The judge residing over his probation had allowed him to remain free, only if he stayed in a court-ordered rehab program. The condition was that he not leave or get kicked out,  or he would be jailed… and that’s what happened.

According to, Brown’s attorney tried to request that his client be released from jail to enter a separate program, but was denied.

The judge said the singer had an “inability to stay out of trouble” and also noted that he Brown made a troubling statement at rehab, reportedly saying, “I am good at using guns and knives.”

Brown is now ordered to remain jailed until April 23rd, when an L.A. judge will hold a probation hearing … where he could be in big trouble. The judge wants to wait until a jury decides if he’s guilty of criminal assault in an unrelated case in Washington D.C. That trial is set for April 17.

If Chris is convicted in D.C. case, he could be sentenced to four years in prison for violating probation in the Rihanna case. Stay tuned…