Chief Keef mugshot

Two weeks outta rehab, and Chief Keef is in trouble again.

According to, the 18-year-old Chicago rapper (real name: Keith Cozart) was arrested for a DUI earlier this month.

Police pulled over Keef during the early morning hours of March 5th in Highland Park, IL after being pulled over for expired tags on a 2010 Jeep Cherokee. When officers approached the vehicle, it reeked of pot, and furthermore, sources say he openly admitted to smoking before driving. Officers administered a field sobriety test and Keef failed, was arrested at the scene for a DUI, and also charged with driving on a suspended license and cited for having no proof of insurance.

He was later released after posting $300 bail.

Keef was fresh outta court-ordered rehab for marijuana addiction. That’s not all. Three days after the arrest, he posted a pic of himself smoking weed on Instagram.

Apparently, Keef wasn’t lying when he rapped about hating being sober.¬†Just last week, he released a brand new single, and accompanying music video, ironically titled “F*ck Rehab.” LOL.