Carmelo Anthony

With Carmelo Anthony’s free agency worrying New York Knicks fans, you have one thing in your favor… Phil Jackson.

The NBA superstar is excited about Phil Jackson’s arrival in New York, calling it “a power move.”

“I’m a chess player. That was a power move right there. You know what I mean?” he said recent, according to ESPN. “So, now we’re going to see what’s the next move, but that was a great power move.”

The legendary coach signed on as the Knicks president this week, after meeting with team officials on Friday (March 14).

Details have not been disclosed, but sources said the deal is for five years and is expected to pay him $12 million annually. There is no ownership stake, though.

Melo’s approval is good news for fans, because he’s expected to test free agency this summer. However, the New York franchise can offer him the largest deal — one year longer and $33 million more than any contract he can sign with another team.

He’s said that his first priority is to re-sign with the Knicks, but he’d like to sit down with Jackson and discuss the team’s plans for the future before making a decision.