Mountain Dew Announces ‘Open Call’ With Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez

Green Label Studios

SXSW is always full of surprises and this year’s festival is no exception. This week, Mountain Dew and acclaimed cult filmmaker Robert Rodriguez announced the creation of Green Label Studios: Open Call.

The ground breaking project offers the chance for one lucky aspiring filmmaker to win a $250,000 production grant and the opportunity to be mentored by Rodriguez himself.

From now until April 25th, professional and aspiring content creators across all genres can submit their work at, showing how they “Do the DEW,” meaning piece should showcase each filmmaker’s unique take on their world, what they are passionate about and how they celebrate those passions.

All entries will be judged by the Mountain Dew and editorial teams, with 10 lucky finalists each receiving a $10,000 production grant to create a special piece of content for DEW. Then, finalists will present their work to an esteemed Green Label Studios panel at an exclusive DEW event this summer in New York City… and in the end, one filmmaker will receive the grand prize.

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