LIVR, The Social Network For Drunks

Now we’ve seen everything. Here’s a look a newly launched social network for drunks called LIVR.

The “party” network connects you to other like-minded individuals, only available to those who blow over the legal limit via an iOS/Android breathalyzer attachment.

After downloading the app and attaching the breathalyzer, if you blow over .08 (legally drunk), then you are instantly given access. Once inside, you can play a handful of party games with other drunk LIVR users including “truth or dare,” “drunk dial” random users in hopes of connecting with someone, and even find “hot spots” on the map to the closest party where all the action is.

Best of all… after the evening (and debauchery) is over, you can hit the “Blackout Button” and all your activity from the prior evening is permanently clear. So, any uncensored selfies and drunk dials are wiped clean.

LIVR isn’t slated for release until sometime this spring, but until then, you can see what it’s all about at