Diddy is making a push to really take over the music television space. After launching his REVOLT network last year, he’s reportedly made a $200 million bid for Fuse TV.

According to Bloomberg, sources say that if the hip-hop mogul acquires FUSE, his REVOLT network would garner greater distribution and subscriber fees — FUSE boasts viewership in 74 million homes, while REVOLT reaches around 22.8 million.

At press time, there was no official word, but FUSE spokeperson Kimberly Kerns said: “As we have stated, we are exploring strategic alternatives for Fuse, and will have no further comment during what is still an ongoing process.”

Bloomberg analyst Paul Sweeney says Diddy’s bid is low. “An offer of $200 million seems low for almost 75 million households,” he said, adding that MSG (who owns FUSE) has been asking $400 million for the network. Stay tuned…

Diddy launched REVOLT in 2014 on Comcast. The network airs music videos, live performances, news and interviews.