Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell The Bacon Scent Alarm

This week, we got some unexpected app news from Oscar Mayer, who is going high-tech with a new device, dubbed the Wake Up & Smell The Bacon Scent Alarm.

The iconic brand rolled out an entertaining clip this week, offering a glimpse of what heaven looks like for a bacon lover and closes with a look at this unique device, which they say “transforms your iPhone into a Bacon Scent Alarm.”

It’s reportedly in its beta-testing stage, and we’re still unclear if its even a real gadget or just a clever marketing tool. Either way, we’ve registered, and according to the official website, we will receive ours in 6-8 weeks, because “Bacon greatness doesn’t arrive in a day.” Stay tuned…

Until then, there’s an official “Wake Up & Smell The Bacon” app, which is available now at iTunes. Also, for more info, visit WakeUpAndSmellTheBacon.com.