Carmelo Anthony and Joakim Noah

With months to go before NBA free agency this summer, everybody is wondering where Carmelo Anthony will end up.¬†Chicago Bulls big man, Joakim Noah, isn’t leaving it up to chance though. With a ring on his mind, he reportedly approached Melo over All-Star Weekend in February about joining his team.

According to, sources say Noah told him something to this effect: You can go to Los Angeles, but if you really want a ring, if you really want your legacy to be about winning, you should come to Chicago.

The reports says the conversation started as a discussion about what it’s like to play for Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. Rumors say Chicago will go after Anthony, while Thibodeau could possibly coach the New York Knicks next season, so Melo Anthony wanted to know about Thibodeau.¬†From there, it turned to Noah telling Anthony he should join the Bulls.

For the Bulls to sign Melo, they’d have to use their amnesty clause on Carlos Boozer to remove his $16.8 million salary from their cap figure. This would allow them to offer him $15 million next season. If they could trade off other players, such as Mike Dunleavy and his $3 million salary, they could start Anthony’s deal at about $18 million.

It’d be a paycut for Melo, though. A maximum contract with the Knicks would start at $22.4 million a season.