Lebron James

No matter what LeBron James does, he has critics. His latest critic comes in the form of retired NBA legend, Dominique Wilkins.

The Miami Heat superstar had a huge game Monday (March 3), putting up a career-high 61 points, and sparking discussion about this season’s MVP race and also his place in NBA history.

Dominique decided to weigh in on all the chatter the following day, saying that he believes LeBron’s performance was a bit overrated and easy… being that he went up against a poor team (Charlotte Bobcats) and even poorer defense.

“No denying he put on a shooting display. He was hot. Let’s not forget, he was playing the Bobcats. A sub 500 team w a match up nightmare. Where is the Defense? The Bobcats put up 107 points in a defenseless display of basketball. Offensively who was there to make Bron work on D.

“Why are we not talking about Al Jefferson and the MONSTER night he had 38 and 19! Yes, like I said, Bron got hot & put on a shooting clinic. Watch the film. No close outs on D, doubles were late, rotations were slow. It was too easy to score. At 54 y/o I could drop 40 on that D.

“Bron is a freakish athlete, yes, no doubt. I could say I was too in my prime, but averaging 30 then against the greats like Bird, MJ, King. AND having to guard them on the other side was an all out war. You were dogged by halftime and had to pick it up & do it again the 2nd half.

“Let me be clear again, amazing shooting display, he was on fire and VERY efficient. My point is the Cats didn’t work him on the other end. It isn’t just about slow rotations & poor closeouts. Who made Bron work on the other end w/ Henderson hurt and Al carrying the team?

“My take is not knocking Bron at all. It’s really more so about the game & how it has changed.”