Jennette McCurdy

iCarly star Jennette McCurdy is the latest victim of embarrassing pictures leaking to the Internet… and she blaming NBA prospect Andre Drummond, whom she dated for a brief period.

The pair dated last summer, after connecting on Twitter. But, the romance lasted for only a week. Instead of keeping their short time together private, McCurdy talked in-depth about it during an interview with She explained how they hooked up and why it didn’t work out.

It started when Drummond posted a photo of McCurdy on Twitter, declaring her his #WCW, otherwise known as “Woman Crush Wednesday.” From there, they immediately began talking on the phone… and it went from there.

“It only lasted like a week,” she said. “Like, it was really short. It just didn’t go great … no sparks.”

McCurdy said she wasn’t into Drummond, but agreed to go out with him. She even revealed that the NBA baller got down on one knee, gave her an expensive necklace and asked her to be his girlfriend.

Well, maybe she should’ve kept those details to herself, because this week, someone leaked racy lingerie photos of the Nickelodeon actress to the Internet.

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In response, McCurdy insinuated that only Drummond could’ve leaked the pic… because he’s the only one she sent them too. “To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person. You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak w/ candor.”

Drummond, however, denies the claim. “I did Not leak any photos of JM,” he told TMZ. “I want nothing to do with her or the situation. I’m just worried about ball.”