YG stopped by 106 KMEL in the Bay area recently, in support of his upcoming debut, My Krazy Life. During the chat, he talked about everything from what he was like before getting signed, being jumped at shows and events, the album of course, and his hit single, “My Hitta.”

The Compton rapper revealed that he originally planned to get Rihanna on the remix for “My Hitta,” which obviously didn’t happen, but Nicki Minaj came up in the discussion and he was more than happy to have her.

“We was in the studio, I had Meek [Mill] verse and [Lil wayne’s] verse already, and I’m like, ‘Man, we need somebody else. We need a female on here’ … I said Rihanna first, but [my A&R Sickamore] was like [Nicki Minaj]. I didn’t know about that, I didn’t know her.

“[Sickamore] used to manage Nicki before she blew up. He got that relationship with her,” YG explained. “I hollered at her. It was cool.”

The rapper also believes the song should win a Grammy, simply off the fact that a street record made such an impact.

“That song should get a Grammy just because … like the concept of the record is ‘My N****.’ People is against that word,” said YG. “I did the song, it’s a hit. It went platinum, it got like 60 million views on Youtube. That’s different. I feel like that people should recognize when artists are doing sh** that’s not regular. That should win a Grammy.”

My Krazy Life is slated to drop March 18. Pre-order now at iTunes.