ScHoolboy Q Says Gangster Rap Fell Off After Game, 50 Cent Beef

As his Oxymoron album is set to debut atop the Billboard 200 album chart, ScHoolboy sits down with the CRWN interview series to chat about his debut LP, the decline of gangster rap, and not having a hit record yet.

He starts things off by touching on how his gang history inspired Oxymoron and the music he’s recorded up until this point.

“I grew up on Figg,” Q said. “My name, ScHoolboy, it comes from me having good grades, but it also comes from a dude that’s from my neighborhood that’s named Schoolboy and he was a pimp. When I was younger, he had all the Kangol hats, he used to walk around in a robe and sh**… jheri curl, rope. So I ran with his name and sh**. So I had to get that ‘Groovline’ off, tell the tale of prostitution and pimping, how it goes. I knew Suga Free was gonna give me that real pimp game. I never been a pimp, like I said, I’m just telling my story.”

As the chat continued, he discussed the issue of gangster rap in the industry today, and the misconception that “aggressive rappers” lack substance.

“Most of my albums are all dark pretty much. But this one I wanted to keep it real raw. Because people, they hear aggressive rappers and they say [they have] no substance. I don’t get that. Like how [does] me rapping about somebody getting killed, or me running from somebody trying to kill me, is no substance. You clearly live behind a computer your whole life.

“N****s is too nice. Once Game and 50 [Cent] and them stopped beefing or whatever, gangster Rap just fell off the map,” ScHoolboy Q continued. “It was just done. And all the new nice niggas came up, it’s the new age, people aren’t really gangbanging like they used to. People are not really being on the corner and the blocks and selling drugs like they used to ’cause you got the Internet now. N****s is trying to be rappers, anybody could just upload your sh** on Youtube now and f*** around and get famous. N****s is playing a video game. N****s is looking on the website to see what clothes they want. N****s is trying to get fresh now. N****s ain’t outside no more so they don’t relate to some of the sh** you talking about, they don’t get it.”

Later, talks about how he was initiated into the gang life as a youngster, his recording process, and much more.