T-Pain Explains Failed Young Money Deal


In 2011, T-Pain was rumored to have signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money label and even started rocking his own custom “YM” piece. Apparently, the deal was never finalized… but why?

In a recent interview with VladTV, the Auto Tune king revealed that Birdman and Slim felt he was a liability because of his drinking, among other things, so they changed their minds.

“Well, I actually was supposed to join Young Money… I went and got the chain made because it seemed like it was really a real thing that was gonna happen,” T-Pain said. “Then, my management came to me and they said ‘Basically, Baby, Wayne, and Slim got together. They talked and they don’t wanna sign you because you’re like a liability and you drink too much. Sometimes you make a fool of yourself. Sometimes you tell the truth about things that shouldn’t be told.’

“I’m like ‘Who the — It’s a million n****s that say they real n****s. If you real n****s that mean you tell the truth about everything, right?’ I mean, you don’t hide nothing. I thought we was all real n****s.”

When he finally caught up with Birdman and Cash Money, the label founders blamed it on his management, saying they didn’t like them. “I see Baby and Slim again,” T-Pain explained. “And you know I see them like ‘Dude, like did y’all really think that? Did y’all really think that I was a liability?’

“They was basically like ‘Yeah, we didn’t really — we didn’t say that. We didn’t say any of that.’ They was like ‘We don’t like your managers.’ I was like ‘What?’ They was like ‘We don’t f*** with your management.’ ”

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