Hennessey Venom GT Hits World Record Top Speed

Hennessey Venom GT

Here’s a look at the world’s fastest production car, the Hennessey Venom GT, which has recently clocked at a top speed of 270.49 mph. Verified by Guinness World Records, the supercar recently edged out the previous record of 269.86 mph set by the Bugatti Veyron in 2010.

Hennessey had claimed that it’s Venom GT was the world’s fastest car, but hadn’t verified the claim until NASA recently allowed the company use of its landing runway in Florida. In this clip, driver Brian Smith takes the supercar to the record-breaking speed, but believes the record would be higher given enough space.

“It was still pulling, if we could run on an eight mile oval, we could go faster than that.”

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