Maino Talks Rumors Of Trinidad James Robbery, K.O.B.

Maino Talks Rumors Of Trinidad James Robbery, Being King Of Brooklyn

Maino, aka the King of Brooklyn, stopped by The Breakfast Club this week to discuss his new mixtape, K.O.B.

During the interview, the rapper talked about rumors that he had Trinidad James robbed, Lil Kim’s recently revealed pregnancy, and of course, why he’s the K.O.B.

“Other than Fabolous, I’m the only other artist. Look, in four years, I sold almost three million records,” Maino said. “These is facts, these is numbers. Five consistent top 10 and top 20 records in the nation. These is facts… and, I’m cool with everybody. But understand ‘king’ is a state of mind. I’m a different dude. I get a different type of love and a different type of respect in the streets. I speak for the underdog. I speak for the dudes that’s looking for a way out. I inspire them because I’m probably the most identifiable dude that looks like them.”

Maino also talks about his relationship with the women, having a bad reputation, and outta towners coming into New York and wilding out.

  1. damn why did Trinidad give this nigga life! i didnt even hear about this simple simon ass rapper until James put that truth out there. i fucks with FAB he should be ashamed to even mention his name and FABS in the same convo. smh this dude is MAD WACK

  2. Being the King of NY Rap is like being the tallest midget in the world…

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