Young Scooter Talks About Sharing Cell With Gucci Mane

Young Scooter

After being released from prison earlier this year, Young Scooter has hit the ground running, picking up where he left off.

While incarcerated, there were rumors that he was actually jailed a cell with mentor Gucci Mane, which he addressed in a recent interview with VLADTV, confirming the report.

“[We were] still wondering how to get out this motherf***er,” Scooter said. “Me and him being in a cell, that sh** ain’t good. ‘[They would be like] hey, him and Gucci in the same cell together’ — this sh** ain’t good, you stupid motherf***ers. I need to get out of here. That’s all I was thinking was how to get out of here. How both of us sharing a cell together is really crazy. A lot of other people get a thrill off of it but we were really in there like man, we trippin.'”

When asked why Gucci didn’t appear on his recent mixtape, Street Lottery 2, he explained that Gucci’s current jail bid was the primary factor.

“It’s a shame he locked up. I don’t know what he going to do,” Scooter explained. “[We were] going to do that I just want it to be the right timing. I just want everything to be right. We were really just focused on his situation right now. He ain’t really worried about that, he ain’t in the right situation.”

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