RoboCop And The ED-209

Ed-209 from RoboCop original

Highlighting the iconic villain who made its way into the new RoboCop film.

The 1980’s classic, RoboCop, made us all imagine what it’d be like in the future. While there’s still no robotic cops walking the streets and fighting crime, nearly three decades later, an updated version will re-introduce the notion to a new generation.

With less than one week to its release, we decided to highlight one of the best villains in RoboCop history: the ED-209.

In exclusive clips released online, we see a revamped version of the ED-209 from the original film. Controlled by OmniCorp, the mammoth machines once again go after RoboCop. This time, there’s a lot more of them… and they look awesome. Thanks to, we can already get a pretty good sense of what this iconic battle bot will unveil in the upcoming RoboCop reboot.

Ed-209 from RoboCop 2014

Here’s some of the specifics.

Weapons: This ED-209 is packed with twin cobra cannons and anti-armor Hellfire missiles. Warheads may vary. We’re pretty excited to see how Joel Kinnaman and his new RoboCop getup will play defense against that.

Material: The ED-209 is also blast resistant with grapheme armor and a liquid steel-infused mesoskeletal structure. Do we know what that means? Not necessarily. But we know it’s not good for RoboCop.

Cameras: That’s right… it has 360 infrasonic cameras and audio targeting. It actually gets to record kicking ass.
Standing at 11 feet tall, with tons more of technical jargon features we can’t even pronounce, this ED-209 is definitely here to shoot stuff up and take names. We know the main name its wants to take is RoboCop, and that makes us damn excited to see how the full battle plays out.

RoboCop (2014) hits theaters February 12th.

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