‘Draft Beer’ Jelly Bean Flavor Created

Jelly Belly - Draft Beer flavor

Ever had a beer-flavor jelly bean? Well, it’s almost here.

Jelly Belly Candy announced recently the introduction of their latest jelly bean flavor — Draft Beer.

Brand communications director, Tomi Holt, told USA Today recently that the draft beer flavor has been in the works for three years, after receiving a steady stream of requests from its customers.ย “Beer has been on that list for many, many years now,” she said.

While it seems easy enough, the process to develop the beer flavor was actually challenging. The company had to capture the different elements of beer while avoiding the bitterness.

“First, we tried to work on matching the hops. Then we worked on the yeast flavor,” said Ambrose Lee, Jelly Belly’s research and development manager, in a video on the company’s website.

Jelly Belly’s Draft Beer flavor is set to release Feb. 12th.

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